instructions of shared power bank advertising player for foundry process

Click 52 times Date:2020-12-15

Weiwen Technology's shared power bank advertising player, as the first innovative product of commercial display, has been widely favored and concerned by the market since its launch. Relying on its strong R&D strength and years of experience accumulation, it has reached in-depth strategic partnerships with relevant parties in the sharing economy. In order to simplify the cooperation process and improve work efficiency, the related foundry process is publicized as follows:

In the first step, client provided the foundry requirements and signed the cooperation agreement confirmed the order, then pre-pay a 70-80% deposit.

The second step is to confirm the relevant LOGO design information, and the designers from both sides will connect, and client confirms the final demand.

In the third step, Weiwen Technology began to arrange production, client paid the balance, and Weien Technology arranged delivery.