About the wide applicability of smart touch tables

Click 102 times Date:2020-11-20

      1、 Catering service

   can be used as a dining table, so that customers can enjoy a happy mood while waiting for a meal, such as: electronic menu ordering, game interaction, flipping through fashion magazines, and after-dinner playing, etc.

  2、Smart home

   is used as a household item in the living room. It can be used as an ordinary coffee table to place items, or it can be transformed into a family entertainment center for parent-child education and increase family interaction.

  3、 Wisdom education

  The built-in teaching system can be used as a desk to be used in a smart classroom. Students learn online through teaching software and can interact with the smart blackboard simultaneously. Especially suitable for classroom teaching in kindergartens.

  4、 Commercial entertainment

  Satisfy multiplayer operation and joint games, increasing entertainment and interactivity. Used in shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, KTVs, bars, nightclubs, clubs and other recreational places.

   5、Corporate meeting area

   is used for customer reception in the corporate meeting area. While drinking tea and chatting, through multimedia presentations such as PPT, PDF, Word, CAD, video, etc., conduct in-depth project introduction for customers and promote business cooperation.

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