Features and application of ultra-thin hanging double-sided window poster screen advertising machine

Click 60 times Date:2021-01-28


Features of double-sided poster advertising screen:

1. The market's thinner double-sided poster advertising screen; double-sided can display the same or different programs.

2. The LCD screen facing the outdoor adjusts itself according to the brightness of the external environment.

3. Unified management of each terminal, no need to manually operate each device; any screen on both sides can be individually controlled through the network.

4. Insert and play real-time weather, clock, logo and rolling subtitles.



1. Create a paperless or semi-paperless office model for smart business halls, and create a new low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly business hall that meets the national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.

2. Real-time information display in the financial field: foreign exchange quotes, gold, financial news, funds, interest rates, bonds, etc., are published in real time on the ultra-thin double-sided hanging advertising machine.

3. Update recommendations in the service industry: new product listing recommendations, promotion of preferential activities, real-time information display, multimedia information interaction, etc. are posted on the advertising machine in real time.

It is most used in banks, theaters, and drinking bars. A series of advantages such as instant display of information, high-definition display, and intelligent operation make the hanging advertising machine extremely popular in these industries. It is your best choice to create a "double-sided poster advertising screen" in a smart business hall.