How to choose the right splicing wall manufacturer

Click 75 times Date:2018-04-12

  In the fiercely competitive LCD splicing screen market,facing a dazzling array of products,picking a suitable splicing wall is a headache.How to choose a strong manufacturer of splicing walls is not easy.

  Generally speaking,whether a company's service is good or not is an important norm that affects the quality of a company's brand.Weiwen Technology must win the market with quality and service as its core!

  1.Excellent technical strength

  Weiwen Technology has gathered a group of high-quality,high-level,talented and talented scientific and technological talents.The Weiwen technology team formed by professionals in product design and R&D,production management,marketing,and enterprise management is a wealthy team.Passionate team,and forge ahead,develop and innovate,combine technology theory with practice,combine customer needs with product design,and provide customers with reliable service through the crystallization of art and technology integration.

  2.The quality of excellence

  Adopting standardized manufacturing process and strictly implementing SGS and ISO9001 quality management system,the products produced are highly reliable,stable,resistant to high and low,and low temperature resistant.They can be used in 24 hours and 365 days without interruption.Life spans from 70,000 to 80,000 hours.

  3.Thoughtful after-sales service

  In the"customer-centric"service purposes,and constantly improve product quality,service quality and cost-effective,to provide customers with quality after-sales service,buy worry-free.