Can't hold it! The price of raw materials has risen again!

Click 149 times Date:2021-03-10

Can't hold it! The price of raw materials has risen again!

Less than a month after the Spring Festival holiday, various factories have begun production one after another. This is when all walks of life are showing ambitions during the peak season, but recently, prices have soared!

Copper rose by 38%, 

Plastic rose by 35%,

Aluminum rose by 37%, 

Iron rose by 30%,

Glass rose by 30%, 

Zinc alloy rose by 48%,

Stainless steel also skyrocketed 45%.

This round of increase in raw material prices is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. Affected by capacity reduction, some raw materials have insufficient production capacity, the gap between supply and demand has increased, and supply shocks have caused prices to rise, mainly due to the price increase of metal products such as steel;

2. Environmental protection policies continue to strengthen, and the overall market supply is tight, which is expected to drive up the price of raw materials;

3. my country's ability to acquire global resources is still insufficient. For example, iron ore and other related industrial raw materials are imported from abroad. Affected by the epidemic, major overseas mines (iron ore, copper mines, etc.) have reduced production. As the domestic epidemic has gradually stabilized, market demand has begun to recover, leading to a situation in which supply exceeds supply, and raw material prices are inevitable.