Is the LCD advertising player operating like this?

Click 112 times Date:2019-10-19

      Enterprises choose to use LCD advertising player to promote products, but some companies do not use the results after the use, in fact, the liquid crystal advertising player has a lot of attention. For example, location and traffic must be taken into account, so how to use the effect of the LCD advertising player?



  1,according to the flow of people to judge the position

  The LCD advertising player is placed in a place with a large traffic flow to maximize the effect.It is better to place the LCD advertising machine near the entrance of the shopping mall than to place it near the exit,because the consumer still has a fresh feeling when he first enters the shopping mall.Circle to exit is no longer fresh at first.LCD advertising player are not as attractive as they are.In other places,it is also a good place for LCD advertising player:bus stops,subway stations,airports,etc.Because the content displayed by the LCD advertising player is not finished by the user in a few seconds,in these places,people have enough time to watch the contents of the LCD advertising player while waiting for the car.

  2.The number of delivery based on the flow of people

  After selecting the placement area ofthe liquid crystal advertising player according to the size of the human traffic and the characteristics of the crowd,it is necessary to determine the number of liquid crystal advertising player to be placed according to the size of the distribution area and the flow rate of the person.Usually,the number of LCD advertising player in a place with a large traffic volume will be more,and in those places where the traffic is relatively small,a few will be placed less,but it does not mean that it will not be delivered.

  3,making concise and clear promotional content

  Produce clear and concise promotional content for the product features to be advertised,so that the public can have a general understanding of the products being advertised after watching.There is also the ability to customize the advertising content in different places in combination with the characteristics of the crowd,in order to make the advertising content sufficiently attractive to the user.And the playback content of the LCD advertising player needs to be played in a loop at a certain time point.The advertisements over and over again make people understand the products advertised in the subconscious and become potential users of the product.

  Finally,the placement area and the number of LCD advertising player determine the return value of the LCD advertising player to a certain extent.The playback content of the LCD advertising machine is also one of the important factors to improve the return value of the advertising.