The main difference between the no Internet version and the online version of the advertising player?

Click 129 times Date:2021-01-05

no network version:

  Using U disk or SD card to update the program, it needs to be replaced manually;

   There is no Internet function, so it is not to browse the web;

   cannot install APP;

  The split screen function will be limited by the size and format of the material;

   is more suitable for users with a small number of downloads, or users who do not update frequently;

   Online version:

   Relying on the background software (need to be installed on the computer, which will not affect the usual computer work needs), to edit and update the program, without manual replacement one by one;

  With Internet access function (WIFI+wired), you can browse the web;

   If it is an Android network plan, you can install Android APP;

   The split screen function is more powerful and supports more formats;

   is more suitable for users with a large number of machines and frequent program updates.