what is the difference between LCD advertising machine module and integrated backlight?

Click 13 times Date:2021-01-12

Anyone who knows the LCD advertising machine industry has heard of the integrated backlit LCD advertising machine and the modular LCD advertising machine. Both of them are produced in different structures. Both are used for advertising, depending on the user's choice. Why are there these two kinds of LCD advertising players? What is the difference between them?

From the comparison of structural stability:

The modular LCD advertising player adopts a double-layer structure of a shell and an LCD screen. Years of commercial display experience demonstrates that the structural stability of the LCD module advertising player is better.

All-in-one backlit LCD advertising players now use the shell to directly assemble the backlight, which requires good craftsmanship, accuracy and stability of the shell, otherwise the backlight is prone to problems;

From a production perspective:

The production process of the integrated backlight LCD advertising machine is relatively complicated. The optical part production and assembly and the OC part buckle require very professional production workers to complete. Although the material cost is low, the labor cost has increased; although the module LCD advertising machine The material cost is higher, but the production and assembly are faster and the efficiency is high, so the production cost is lower.

Comparison of after-sales repair:

According to the feedback from advertising machine manufacturers in the commercial display industry, the repair rate of modular LCD advertising machines is about 3‰, while the repair rate of integrated backlight advertising machines is about 5%.

From the price comparison:

At present, with the development of market conditions and the popularization of technology, the price of modular LCD advertising players is almost close to that of integrated backlight LCD advertising players.

The above is the difference between the integrated backlight LCD advertising machine and the modular LCD advertising machine. The above mentioned collection industry has many basis, so whether it is the integrated backlight LCD advertising machine and the modular LCD advertising machine, they all have their own advantages and characteristics. It depends on how users choose according to their needs.