The importance of ensuring the quality of LCD splicing screens

Click 52 times Date:2019-09-16

  Standards are an important guarantee for product quality,and LCD splicing screens are no exception in this respect.There are strict product standards,a perfect after-sales system,rich experience in building stations,and good brand recognition!

  The LCD splicing screen can be used as a display alone or as a large screen.According to different usage requirements,it can realize variable and large variable and large screen functions:single screen split display,single screen separate display,arbitrary stitching combined display,full screen LCD stitching,dual LCD screen stitching,vertical screen stitching display,shaped Splicing display,image frame can be compensated or covered,support digital signal roaming,zoom stretching,multi-screen display,picture-in-picture,3D playback,various display plan settings and operation,full HD signal real-time processing.

  Nowadays,the best quality LCD splicing screen on the market is Samsung LCD splicing screen,LG LCD splicing screen and BOCI LCD splicing screen.The LCD splicing screen has high brightness and high reliability.It adopts ultra-narrow design,uniform brightness and stable image.And have a longer life of the LCD splicing screen.

  The emergence of high-definition LCD splicing walls has brought a perfect visual experience to users,and also allows more industry users with more demanding visual requirements to enjoy the convenience brought by large-screen splicing.However,the LCD splicing wall market has been developed to this day.Due to certain factors,it has been stopped in the control room application.For some industries,LCD large-screen splicing is unreachable.

  Different from the LCD splicing wall in the traditional control room,due to the particularity of its application environment,it has more special requirements for the system,such as increasing the fun and interaction of the product.The emergence of 3D and touch technology has greatly satisfied the needs of some users,and provided favorable conditions for LCD large-screen splicing products to enter these places.